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maritime DC & PPE Information Center


The entry point for CBR Waterfront Fleet Support is provided by the NSWCDD CBR Waterfront Fleet Support Team to cover the East Coast and West Coast areas.  The team lead for West Coast (Non-submarine) Ships is based in San Diego and covers San Diego, Bremerton, Everett, Pearl Harbor, and Japan.  The team lead for East Coast (Non-Submarine) Ships is based in Norfolk and covers Norfolk, Mayport, Bahrain, Rota)


The CBR AELs are available in the ship's COSAL or by contacting the NSWCDD CBR Waterfront Fleet Support Team.


The CBRD Information Center is located on MNP (MY NAVY PORTAL) under "ORGANIZATIONS" -- Click on Communities of Practice (COP) and scroll down to the CBRD link, CAC is required.