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Shipwide Interior Wireless Communication System (SIWICS)

Image of XTS 3000 Portable Radio
XTS 3000 Portable Radio


In 1999, the AN/SRC-59 Shipwide Interior Wireless Communication System (SIWICS) was introduced. It is a distributed trunking radio system that combined the MK 4 Protected Voice Portable Communication System (PVPCS) for security, the Consolidated Antenna System (CAS), the Engineering Space Radio System (ESRS) in the engineering spaces, and Engineering Announcing System (EAS), and DCWIFCOM.

SIWCS functional capabilities provide shipwide communications, multiple talk groups, ship-to-ship and ship-to-shore communications, users select a talk group and get the next available repeater. All members of the talk group automatically switch to the correct repeater.

The system does not have any loudspeakers and relies solely on RF broadcast so that only radio-equipped personnel hear the transmission. The circuits can be monitored from anywhere within the ship which enables personnel to respond instantly from any location. SIWICS components include portable radios, repeaters, scanners, antennas and accessories.

Some ships use the Motorola XTS 3000 portable radios and some ships use the Motorola XTS 5000 portable radios.


DCRS Repeater


SIWICS uses repeaters instead of base stations, and the repeater trunked system assigns channels equally on a first come, first served basis. The system has the capacity of 2048 talk groups, with up to five in use at any instance. Communication priorities can be assigned to preempt lower priority users. Repeater assignments are transparent to the user and talk group communications is not limited to specific areas of the ship.

The functions and capabilities of the SIWICS include:

  • Shipwide Portable Communications

  • Multiple Talk Groups

  • Ship-to-Ship Communications via Portable Radios Topside

  • Ship-to-Shore Communications (Limited to Horizon)

SIWICS Supported Communications include:

  • Damage Control Wirefree Communication (DCWIFCOM)

  • Engineering Space Radio System (ESRS)

  • Protected Voice Portable Communication System (PVPCS)

  • Engineering Announcing System (EAS)

Image of Scanner Radio for Damage Control
Scanner Radio for Damage Control

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