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Integrated Voice Network (IVN)


The Integrated Voice Network (IVN) is a multiple task telephone system which integrates various communication devices onboard the ship. It is capable of functioning as a dial telephone, sound powered phone, radio, intercom or 1MC. The system consists of telephone terminals, telephone nets and a battery backup of a minimum of 3 hours. The IVN system is the primary form of ship wide communications including during Damage Control conditions. Most spaces are equipped with a standard dial telephone for day to day use that incorporates 4 digit numbers for placing calls to another specific IVN phone. The emergency number, 211, will automatically connect to a manned watch station with 1MC access and will break in on an existing call. Non-essential phones are found in berthing areas and will not operate when there is a loss of ship’s power.

  • 5181- DCRS 1 (Hangar)

  • 5182- DCRS 4 (Midships)

  • 5183- DCRS 2 (Forward)

  • 5184- DCRS 3 (Aft)

  • 5185- DCRS 5M (Forward Prop)

  • 5186- DCRS 5A (Aft Propulsion)

  • 5190- DCRS 7F (Forward Gallery)

  • 5191- DCRS 7A (Aft Gallery Deck)

Net phones are located in the DCRS and connected to sound powered circuits. Sound powered phone circuits can be accessed by IVN and any net may be accessed from a dial phone. Sound powered circuits will however continue to work if the IVN system fails.

  • XJA - 5051 (CO’S Battle Net 51)

  • XJX - 5050 (Radio and Signals Net 50)

  • X1JG - 5030 (Aircraft Control Circuit Net 30)

  • X1JV - 5053 (Maneuvering Net 53)

  • X2JZ - 5180 (Damage and Stability Control Net 80)

Some IVN stations have the capability to access the 1MC. Access requires a permit number and is usually limited to the CO, XO and Officers of the Watch.

Image of Dial Phone
Dial Phone

Image of Non-essential Phone
Non-essential Phone

Image of Net Phone
Net Phone

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