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IVCS Tip 001
Primary IVCS Nets

IVCS operates on ship’s power and has up to 1 hour battery back-up. It can be used as a regular J-Dial or for Multi-Station NET where monitoring of the communications of any station is possible by all phone talkers on the net. Each ship class has unique NET numbers that are not the same for the DC organization between ships.

Circuits are designated by Nets; for example the DDG Class uses:

  • Net 80 - Main DC circuit

  • Net 81 - DCRS 2/Forward repair circuit

  • Net 82 - DCRS 3/After repair circuit

  • Net 86 - DCRS 5/Engineer's repair circuit

  • Net 51 - Captain’s battle circuit

  • Net 53 - Maneuvering & Docking


Image of IVCS Net Box

IVCS Net Box

Image of DC Central Area IVCS Net Box Set Up

DC Central Area IVCS Net Box Set Up


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