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HYDRA Wireless Interior Communications System


HYDRA is a Wireless Interior Communications System that provides wire free mobile communications throughout the ship. HYDRA supports security, navigation, combat systems, engineering, damage control, maintenance and general operations such as maneuvering and docking, shore patrol and beach guard. It uses low power base stations and portable radios (20mW portables). HYDRA implements an extensive internal leaky coaxial antenna system that improves communications throughout the hull of the ship and topside antennas for off ship coverage. It is a low power (20mW) trunking Land Mobile Radio system operating in the 380-399.9 MHz frequency band. It is interoperable with other shipboard communication systems such as the 1MC announcing system, IVN, and ATC Comms and it has improved capabilities over the legacy wireless systems such as DCWIFCOM and sound-powered circuits. The HYDRA portable radios can be used to interface with shipboard wired Interior Voice Communications Systems (IVCS) Private Branch Exchanges (PBXs) and can connect to the ship’s IVN, SSTS or J-DIAL. This capability enables users to rapidly reconfigure portable communications within the ship in response to dynamic operational requirements. If power is lost Hydra has a battery backup capability and the portable radios used for damage control can be switched to a point to point mode between the portable radios.

The HYDRA system consists of two main sub-assemblies:

  • Land Mobile Radio (LMR) Sub-System which includes the following:

  • Base Trunking System

  • Flight Deck Portable Radios

  • Basic Portable Radios

  • Flight Deck Cranial and Interface to Portable Radio

  • Lapel Microphones

  • Portable Radio Holsters

  • Portable Radio High Capacity Battery

  • Single-Position Battery Charger

  • Six-Position Battery Charger

  • Radiated Transmission Line (RTL) Sub-System.

Image of AN/SRC-55(V) HYDRA System
AN/SRC-55(V) HYDRA System

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