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Voice Amplifiers/Emitters for local Damage Control/Gas Free Engineering


Voice amplifiers on face pieces provide local Damage Control / Gas Free Engineering confined space communications for personnel during normal operations and causality responses. This equipment is essential to ensure safe conditions at and around the scene are calmly communicated between all repair party team personnel.  Voice amplifiers allow a person to speak with their normal voice.  Voice amplifiers provide critical communications safety against accidents and rapidly changing conditions.

To enhance local voice communications within the U.S. Navy each SCBA face piece whether used for firefighting, damage control or gas free engineering shall has an approved voice amplifier attached to face piece. The voice amplifier consists of a mechanical speaking diaphragm with an effective range of 5 to 10 feet.

The AV2000 and AV3000 face pieces are part of the SCOTT SCBA and SCOTT escape SCBA. The figures below identify the components of each face piece and also identify the voice emitter provided as part of the SCOTT configuration. Each voice emitter uses it’s own bracket to attach to the face piece.



Currently two voice amplifiers are authorized for use the AV2000 or AV3000 face pieces; the epic voice amplifier, part number 200739-01, and voice amplifier, part number 804564-02 which is no longer in production. The voice amplifier is attached to the face piece using a mounting bracket installed over the right side voicemitter (as worn). Note the mounting bracket originally installed on the AV2000 will not accommodate the epic voice amplifier; however the epic voice amplifier is supplied with mounting brackets for each type face piece and will accept either voice amplifier model.



Epic Voice Amplifier and bracket mounted on an    AV3000 facepiece




               Older Voice Amplifier mounted on an AV2000 facepiece


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