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1MC General Announcing System (1MC)


The ship’s 1MC is a one-way announcing system that provides a means of transmitting general information and orders to all internal ship spaces and topside areas. It is used to put out general information to the ship’s crew on a regular basis each day. The system consists of an amplifier-oscillator group which is located in the IC/gyro room, a microphone control station, portable microphones at each control station and loudspeakers located throughout the ship. Control stations for the 1MC announcing system are located at the pilot house, OOD stations on the quarterdecks, after steering and Damage Control Central area.

During a casualty, The 1MC is a valuable damage control communication tool used by DCA to keep ship members alerted and informed of casualty location area, updated status, and incident response efforts by the DC organization.

The 1MC is also used for transmitting various alarm sounds to alert the crew of specific impending dangers such as:

  • General

  • Chemical attack

  • Collision

  • Flightdeck crash

Additional Announcing System Circuits:

  • 2MC - between Engineer’s spaces

  • 3MC - for the Hangar Deck areas

  • 5MC - for the Flight Deck areas

Image of 1MC Loudspeaker
1MC Loudspeaker

Image of Alarm Circuits
Alarm Circuits

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