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Damage Control Rapid Plotting

DC Rapid Plotting is a key step for  It provides a building block approach for standardization, simplifies symbology and the utilization of the shipboard flag training kits. It all fits together, circles and slashes replace the triangle systems that failed to work in actual shipboard casualties. Detailed review of lessons learned, crew interviews, evaluation of actual plots and hand written messages from casualties such as USS Samuel B. Roberts, USS Stark and the USS Cole clearly demonstrated the triangle systems failure. The evolution towards the new symbology began in 2000 with DCAMS and the fleet wide introduction of the Shipboard Flag training kit. It will be completed with the issue of this NSTM update, when the triangle system will not longer be authorized. DC Rapid Plotting is based on three parts: the symbology, checklists and the shipboard training flags providing reinforcement during the casualty drill implementation:

  1. Universal symbology standard of circle and slashes combined with simplified plotting requirements.
  2. Checklists similar to the Main Space Fire Doctrine that replace the “cluttered” requirement of plotting details that obscure the big picture of the ships condition with noise.
  3. Shipboard Flag Training kits that provide continuous exposure to the crew of the new symbology and DCAMS symbols.