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Hood Anti-Flash, Fireman’s (REV JAN 2019)

NSN 4210-01-614-8101   P/N DAF-S3

(General Quarters Anti-Flash Hood)




The General Quarters Anti-Flash hood provides the fullest coverage available and has a traditional head design with bib apron and shoulder inserts (gusset) for added shoulder protection. It is manufactured from a two-layer knit; both layers are manufactured of the same material, PFR Raylon/Kevlar of 80% PFR Rayon / 20% Kevlar. The anti-flash hood is breathable, rugged and has a high performance rating. It is inherently flame resistant, maintains performance values after laundering, light weight, flexible and supple fabric. Finished to minimize shrinkage and the rib knit allows for stretch and shape retention.


The anti-flash hood is required by all personnel during General Quarters who are not assigned to a firefighting hose team or investigator team IAW Surface Ship Survivability NTTP 3-20.31. It is provided to protect personnel during shipboard casualties and general quarters from transient, elevated air temperatures resulting from the use of high explosive weapons and from burns caused by fire. It specifically protects the head, ears, neck and face, except the eyes, from heat and short duration flash. This heat and flash protection is further enhanced by wearing additional head protection such as a Damage Control, Phone Talker or Battle helmet.  


The anti-flash hood exceeds the Thermal Protective Performance (TPP) of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 1971 Standard on Protective Ensemble for Structural Fire Fighting and is certified for performance by Underwriter Laboratory.


The anti-flash hood must be positioned correctly on the user’s head and shoulders to provide the designed protection it affords. The elasticized face opening must fit securely onto the edge of the SCBA face-piece if being worn with an SCBA for breathing protection. If a tight seal cannot be maintained, discard the hood. Before each use inspect hood for holes or damage in fabric and loss of elasticity (discard if such findings occur). This protective anti-flash hood may not provide protection from chemical, radiological, or biological agents. Do not wear a soiled hood.