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Blue Coveralls Main page and Index

There are currently four types of blue coveralls being worn by shipboard personnel today. Sometimes there is confusion about the use, benefits and limitations of each type of coverall.

The four types of blue coveralls are:

  1. Coverall, Blue Utility (65% Polyester 35% Cotton) is worn by most of the crew for general purpose duties.
  2. Coverall, Blue Nomex (4.5 oz 100% Nomex IIIA) was recently introduced. It is light weight and can be worn by personnel in engineering spaces or by Damage Control Repair Party personnel either as primary protection or over clothing for an added layer of protection.
  3. Coverall, Blue Fire Retardant (Type I) was part of the DCRS inventory for use as an added layer of protection over a person’s uniform, for use if personnel needed clothing for berthing space evacuation or after decontamination. This coverall is also used by the flying squad.
  4. Coverall, Blue Flame Resistant (Cotton FRT Type I) is worn by engineering personnel and is known as engineering coverall.