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Body Armor Systems in Service for Navy Personnel (Updated 8MAR13)

Due to the variety of body armor systems in service by USN personnel, in June 2007 OPNAV N8 requested NAVSEA to develop a comprehensive list of approved Body Armor Systems in Service for Navy Personnel. The purpose of the attached listing is to identify ballistic Individual Body Protective Armor that is authorized for use by USN personnel. This list provides the list of equipment, as well as associated restriction/amplification notes. It is intended as guidance for procurement and sustainment of body armor systems in support of Navy operations and training. This list is updated accordingly once additional information is reviewed.

    • Download Body Armor Systems in Service for Navy Personnel
      Official Letter Dated 12 June 2012 (PDF File)
    • Download Body Armor Systems, Enclosure Rev 8-Jun 2012 (XLS File)

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If you need further assistance accessing downloadable files, please contact Edward.Gray1@navy.mil.