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Damage Control Firefighter Coverall Replacement


As the Damage Control Firefighter Coverall wear out from DC readiness training, they are being phase-replaced by the Fire Protective Gear (FPG). FLEET feedback provided improvements to the FPG. These included:

  1. The coverall has a removable liner to allow for ease of cleaning. Repairs of the outer shell are made easier.
  2. The inside of the liner has a slick material, which helps toward ease of donning along with longer leg zippers.
  3. The shoulders are padded to maintain thermal protection when wearing breathing apparatus with straps.
  4. The wristlets are over the thumb, with larger thumbholes.
  5. The coverall has a freedom arm design, which allows movement of the arm without movement of the entire suit.

The FPG is available in 18 sizes in order to accommodate any special requirement. However, the AEL (2-930094085 – 4087) has listed standard five sizes: small-regular, medium-regular, large-regular, extra large-regular and extra large-long.

Image of Sailor in Fire Protective Gear (FPG)

National Stock Numbers (NSN)

4210-01-468-5505 small/short
5528 small/regular
5539 small/long
5545 medium/short
5551 medium/regular
5552 medium/long
5562 large/short
5565 large/regular
5568 large/long
5599 xlarge/short
5671 xlarge/regular
5673 xlarge/long
5677 2xlarge/short
5678 2xlarge/regular
5681 2xlarge/long
5683 3xlarge/short
5689 3xlarge/regular
5691 3xlarge/long

The local distributors and contract numbers are as follows:
Safety Equipment Company (SEC)
Customer Service 1-800-226-4732
Zones 1 and 2, Region East contract # SP0500-99-D-0020
Zone 1, Region West and Central contract # SP0500-99-D-0059

Lion Vallen Industries (LVI)
Customer Service 1-888-848-5599
Zone 3, Region East contract # SP0500-99-D-0021
Zone 2, Region West and Central contract #SP0500-00-D-0060