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FFE Tip 005
FF Coverall replaced by FPG

FF Coverall was originally introduced to ships as a one piece firefighting personnel protection improvement after the STARK and ROBERTS Incidents to fight very hot fires within the ship. The one piece concept was developed by the British Navy and was used in the Falkland War to protect personnel so they could travel through the ship and especially when attacking the fire from above coming through the overhead hatches what is referred to as the chimney effect of heat and hot gases.  Material improvements to the garment have been made over the years and the FFE coverall has been replaced by the FPG.

 What are the differences between the original Firefighter’s Coverall vs. the Fire Protective Gear (FPG) replacement?

Original Firefighter’s Coverall

  • No removable liner
  • Ineffective alignment of thumb tack
  • Shorter leg zipper (12”)
  • Reflective tape is “RED”

Replacement Fire Protective Gear

  • Snap in removable liner makes cleaning and repairs of the outer shell easier
  • Improved wristlets that are over-the-thumb with larger thumbholes
  • Inside of the liner has a slick material, which helps with ease of donning along with longer leg zipper (18”)
  • New reflective tape is retro-reflective “YELLOW”, 2 inches in width and highlights the outline of the firefighter
  • Shoulders are padded to maintain thermal protection when wearing breathing apparatus with straps
  • Freedom of movement design, which allows movement of the arm without movement of the entire suit
  • Reinforced leather on the knees, pockets and bottom of legs