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Firefighter's Coverall
About Firefighter’s Coverall
8415-01-300-6556 Small
8415-01-300-6557 Medium
8415-01-300-6558 Large
8415-01-300-6559 Extra Large
8415-01-300-6560 Extra Large Tall


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The firefighter’s coverall is of a one piece, jump suit style design. It consists of an outer shell, a vapor barrier and an inner fire-retardant thermal liner. The knees, bottoms of the thigh pockets and bottoms of the legs are reinforced with leather for extra protection. For added safety, the coveralls have reflective markings around the upper arms, lower legs and torso to highlight the outline of the firefighter, so that he/she can be seen in dense smoke or dim light. The firefighter’s coverall is currently being phased out, see Fire Protective Gear for more information.

Firefighter's coveralls are to be used until no longer serviceable, then replaced with the Fire Protective Gear (FPG).

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