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FFE Tip 002: Yes, Finally Something Sailor Friendly

What used to consume a lot of time for shipboard fire parties and slow down their re-entry time into a fire filled space? Poorly designed FFEs were the reason, but not anymore. The Navy Clothing & Textile research facility along with NAVSEA has designed a new style of fire protective gear (FPG) to replace our current Fire Fighting Ensemble (FFE). Some of the new features of the FPG are:

  • It provides the best protection available from heat and steam.

  • The liner snaps out for cleaning, repair, airing, or replacement.

  • It’s washable (the fire retardant properties are in the fabric, so you can wash it using the ship’s laundry without degrading the suit qualities).

  • It has bigger and better zippers and closures (Zipper/hook and pile closure in the front and longer 18" leg zippers that won’t rust).

  • The crotch and under-arms have radial bands, which allow much easier movement.

  • Kevlar reinforced knees provide longer life, easier cleaning as well as heat and wear protection.

  • Better collar overlap provides increased neck protection.

  • Improved over-the-thumb wristlets.

  • Larger cargo pockets with drain holes.

  • Available in 18 different sizes.

Image of Sailor wearing FPG

Image of improved over-the-thumb wristlet

The FPG is currently available through the new DLA fire fighting prime vendor program. The items carry new NSNs and are ordered directly from the distributor in your area. It is also recommended that you have on hand a maximum of five sizes unless a special requirement exists.

The recommended sizes are small-regular, medium-regular, large-regular, extra large-regular and extra large-long. The identification and stock numbers are as follows:

421-01-468-5505 small/short
421-01-468-5528 small/regular
421-01-468-5539 small/long
421-01-468-5545 medium/short
421-01-468-5551 medium/regular
421-01-468-5552 medium/long
421-01-468-5562 large/short
421-01-468-5565 large/regular
421-01-468-5568 large/long
421-01-468-5599 extra large/short
421-01-468-5671 extra large/regular
421-01-468-5673 extra large/long
421-01-468-5677 2X large/short
421-01-468-5678 2X large/regular
421-01-468-5681 2X large/long
421-01-468-5683 3X large/short
421-01-468-5689 3X large/regular
421-01-468-5691 3X large/long

These items are available through the following distributors with turn around time of approximately seven to fourteen days after receipt of the order.

This article was generated after a demonstration of the new fire protection gear to several Naval Safety Center afloat safety analysts.

Safety Equipment Company (SEC)
6507 N. Harnie Rd.
Tampa, FL. 33610

Customer service 1-800-226-4732
e-mail: lrb@secsafe.com

Lion Vallen Safety Corp.
1850 Dale Rd.
Buffalo, NY. 14225

Customer service 1-888-848-5599
e-mail: pmctigue@vallencorp.com