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maritime DC & PPE Information Center



Thank you for stopping by and enjoy your visit through the Maritime Damage Control and Personnel Protection Equipment website. Built for present Sailors at the front line on call with a thirst for knowledge by retired Sailors who have a passion to serve those who serve through our virtual community.


Be sure to visit our Damage Control History site www.damagecontrolmuseums.org and Global Damage Control site www.globalmaritimedc.info . For information about the DC rating, the Chief Petty Officer and other information see the index of this page.


We hope the information provides you with the tools necessary to improve your knowledge base and that the tips and techniques help you with performing your job. Regardless of your rate or rank, remember our Motto is to help you “LIVE IT, LEARN IT, AND PASS IT ON.”


Our goal is to provide an information exchange center to share/pass on the years of knowledge, information and tricks of the trade gained as Damage Controlman and senior leaders to the next generation of maritime professionals.


This resource contains vast amounts of technical data on damage control equipment and systems as well as personnel protection equipment. The data gathered from lessons learned through testing, operating, maintaining and experiencing actual shipboard casualties is critical in providing safer, better and easier to use equipment. The website provides tips and techniques to expand your knowledge base and the ability to improve upon your skill sets. There is also a Damage Control Museum of the historical information.


As a member of the Damage Control and Personnel Protection community we are all held to a higher standard. We are expected to maintain and display increased levels of knowledge in damage control and personnel protection and are referred to as the subject matter experts in all matters pertaining to damage control and personnel protection, especially when a casualty occurs. With this responsibility, we are called upon to lead, mentor and train other personnel both junior and seniors alike in all damage control and personnel protection aspects.


If you would like to volunteer you time; your submissions, stories, photo’s and questions are always welcomed by forwarding it to  embreepn@msn.com


Thank you for your support!

The Retired Greybeards  

For more information, see the Index.