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maritime DC & PPE Information Center

Contractors manufactures and distributors


The Maritime DC&PPE Information Center website community would like to extend our appreciation and thanks for the support provided by the many Contractors, Manufactures and Distributors to personnel working in the damage control and personnel protection fields.


Unfortunately, many times it is hard to find a specific piece of equipment from a contractor and manufacturer website without spending a lot of time searching for this information. 


With our very limited resources, we deeply appreciate those companies and manufacturers that take the time to organized their websites by providing a quick link to a page for a specific piece of equipment used in naval damage control and personnel protection that we can link too.  It has been a tremendous help to the Maritime DC&PPE Information Center users with their very limited time to find the information for a solution to the issues we are working on. 


The quick link provides a range of information including:  pics, a tour of the equipment, part numbers, dimensions, weight, volume, pdfs, power point presentations, tech manuals, operator manuals, maintenance and repair information, short video clips on usage and care,  short youtube info pieces, and other information that can be downloaded by the user to get a better educational understanding of how to use and maintain the equipment.