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Check sheets

How to find Check sheets

CNSF DCRA 2016-01 message directs that ships and training organizations shall discontinue the use of the Damage Control SMAC(s) (SMAC = Standardized Material Condition Assessment Check sheets).  All references to and holdings of these check sheets shall be deleted from inventory.  The only authorized check sheets for use on ships are the INSURV and ATG Afloat Self-Assessment (ASA) and MOB-D check sheets found on their websites.

INSURV Check Sheets (CAC required).

The INSURV (Board of Inspection and Survey) check sheets can be found as part of INSURV's inspection website:  Select the file that begins with "DC IIG" and follow the download instructions on the page.


ATG Afloat-Self Assessment (ASA) and MOB-D Check sheets.   (CAC required).These ATG check sheets are found within the Afloat Training Group (ATG) Toolbox.  https://atg.ncdc.navy.mil/toolbox/private/index.htm.  Click on the “ENTER ATGLANT TOOLBOX” or ENTER ATGPAC TOOLBOX and click on the MOB-D box.